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Hey there, I’m Corey!

Wife, mama, Naturopathic Doctor and business owner

I help women get to the root of their health concerns - empowering them on their journey towards complete health & happiness.


I believe that the conventional medical system is failing women. I see too many patients who are looking for MORE in their healthcare. As a Naturopathic Doctor I provide an opportunity to dig deeper into the cause of illness and stress.

I believe that our relationships, our children, and our families thrive when we take care of ourselves first. When you are well, rested, and happy - you can be a better wife, mama, friend, and thrive in your career.

I believe that every woman has the POWER to change their life. I believe that women should stop putting the opinions and needs of others above their own and stop watching their lives pass them by unfulfilled. The time is now - stop waiting to live the life you’ve always imagined - healthy & happy.

I believe that hormones are everything! As a women we tend to blame a lot on our hormones - but most women are unaware how hormone imbalances may be TRULY affecting them. Everything from mood, to energy, to digestion and sleep can all be affected by hormone fluctuations.